About Us?

Established in 2017, Lincoln-Way Theatre Guild produced many successful productions and supported charitable causes throughout the community. As we look to 2021, our Governing Board is excited to produce a full season of diverse theatrical and musical productions under the new name of Spotlight Arts Collective. The future vision of Spotlight includes a wide array of performing and fine arts events expanding past our theatrical roots. The creative endeavors of Spotlight will continue to raise money for charities, scholarships, and other philanthropic pursuits in the community.

Spotlight Arts Collective is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization #81-5459866

Our Team

Executive Board

Tamara Heerde

Executive Director
[email protected]

Steven Beemsterboer

Executive Producer
[email protected]

Jennifer Corp

Artistic Director
[email protected]

Elizabeth O'Neill

[email protected]

Board of Directors

Carla Montagano-Liburdi

[email protected]

Amanda Mascarello

Director of Media and Marketing
[email protected]


Director of Community and Member Partnerships
[email protected]

Kyna Simpson

Managing Director of Developing Artists Studio
[email protected]

Eric Rehm

Managing Director of Special Projects
s[email protected]

Board of Members

Cait Palonis

Assistant Director of Developing Artists Studio
[email protected]

Shelby O'Neill

Assistant Director of Fundraising
[email protected]