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Rising Stars: Kindergarten - Grade 3
Young Actors:  Grades 4-8
Encore Players:  High School

Spotlight Arts Collective Developing Artist program provides aspiring actors and actresses interactive educational and live theatre experiences through a wide array of performing and fine arts events. Our mission is to ignite passion in developing actors by providing safe, secure, and highly professional theater experiences that increase creativity, build self esteem, enhance collaborative skills, and nourish imagination on and off the stage. The creative endeavors of Spotlight continue to raise money for charities, scholarships, and other philanthropic pursuits in the community.

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Cait Palonis, Studio Director
[email protected]

Congratulations to our casts of
Go Fish! and The Spongebob Musical!

Wonderful performances by everyone!
Special thanks to our production staff:
Kyna Simpson, Producer
Jennifer Corp, Director Go Fish!
Emily Amato, Director The Spongebob Musical
Joseph Amato, Music Director
Erin McIntyre, Technical Director
Liz O'Neill, House Manager
Gina Barrett, Costumes
Kennedy Boshardt, Student Director Go Fish!

and all of our wonderful parent volunteers, family and friends! We could not have done it without you.

Congratulations to our cast!

Isabella Aultz – Tuna Fish
Maggie Collier – Angel Fish
Gabrielle Corp – Hammerhead Shark/Clown Fish
Owen Franklin – Crab/Seahorse/Red Snapper
Olive Hancock – Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Sword Fish/Red Snapper
Elliston Heumann – Blue Shark/Clown Fish
Maddy Hop – Tiger Shark
Ella McKimson – Star Fish
Penny McKimson – Needle Fish
Annabelle Moran – Card Shark/Clown Fish
Holly Overton – Mako Shark/Clown Fish
Ella Ramirez - Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Sword Fish/Red Snapper
Connall Silvester – Octopus
Sophie Sinovich – Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Red Snapper Vivian Young – Zebra Fish

Congratulations to our Cast! 

In Order of Appearance:
Anna Dotzenrod               French Narrator/Ensemble
Z.  Marschel                        Spongebob
Katie Murphy                     Gary/Ensemble
Ali Melone                            Patrick
Lyra Berk                               Squidward
Caroline Childers               Sandy
Paxton Sasso                       Mr. Krabs
Aydan Miller                        Plankton
Autumn Sexton                   Karen
Natalie Twardak                Pearl
Kaitlyn Marks                     Mayor of Bikini Bottom
Henry Marschel                  Perch Perkins
Aleksandra Jachymiak    Larry the Lobster
 Kate Sexton                         Old Man Jenkins
Sophia Kenndy                    Electric skate 1
RJ Marneris                          Electric skates 2
Gracyn Boshardt                Electric skates 3
Claire Thormeyer               Sardine 1/Ensemble 
Anabelle Abril                      Sardine 2/Ensemble 
Ava Peters                             Sardine 3/Ensemble 
Ashlynn Grund                    Sardine/Ensemble
Makenna Wohlberg          Sardine/Ensemble
Katie Tigges                          Sardine/Ensemble
Lizzy Peters                           Sardine/ Ensemble
Chloe Goodwin                    Sardine/Ensemble
Madeline Murphy               Mrs. Puff
Charlotte Smith                  Townfish 1/Ensemble
Sydney Walk                         Townfish 2/Ensemble
Zoey Gilbert                          Townfish 3/Ensemble
Morgan Petschinsky          Krabby Patty fish
Brendan Fitzpatrick           Sea Creature/Ensemble
Moira Ginn                             Sea creature/Ensemble

CONGRATS to the 2022 Developing Artists Studio Summer Productions:

Moana Jr. Cast

Summer of 2022

Grades 4th-8th

ARF Cast

Summer of 2022

Grades K-3rd